Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vegan Wedge Salad...with Vegan Bacon Bites!?

I love to eat salad, it's definitively not a boring meal! Salad to me is like pasta or rice, it's a base that you can customize and create so many variations of it. I was once researching online about vegan dressings for salads and I ended on this post about a vegan wedge salad recipe. Not only the pictures were very appealing, there also were instructions about how to prepare vegan bacon! I have never liked bacon but I could dig its vegan version! This was the result:

The salad did not only tasted great, it was beautiful to see, too and I like when my food is both tasty and beautiful. I used vegan barbecue sauce to prepare the vegan bacon and it turned interesting, a really nice addition to a fun salad.

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