Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vegan Focaccia Tiles

I have sweet memories linked to focaccia bread, to me it's linked to the Adriatic sea and my summer vacations as a child there. I tried the original focaccia in Liguria (that's where it's traditional) but I remember another great focaccia from a bakery in our favorite city by the Adriatic sea. We were buying the warm focaccia cut in squares for then bringing it to the beach, it was a fluffy focaccia topped with rosemary and salt crystals. 

Sometimes I crave that focaccia flavor so I prepare it at home, it's also a good way to use the rosemary from our garden. Few years back I fell in love with a focaccia recipe I found in a Better Homes & Gardens issue, the photo of the recipe was so beautiful and the idea of having different tiles on one focaccia which I could customize intrigued me. This is the photo from the original recipe:

Isn't it a mouthwatering photo? This recipe became a staple in our family, I prepare it whenever we want to snack on focaccia. The kids requested a pesto tile and I made a tile with oninon and anchovy for my husband. The other tiles were vegan and my favorite was the roasted red bell pepper. This is my focaccia tiles (before hitting the oven...when they came out we were too hungry to wait for pictures):

After the focaccia came out of the oven I broke some of the rosemary leaves on top of each tile...because you must have rosemary on your focaccia! I look forward to prepare this recipe during summer to use our tomatoes and zucchini on top of it!

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