Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Online Recipe Collection (Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw)

This blog will be a collection of vegetarian, vegan and sometimes raw recipes I have found around the web or in recipe books. I am a vegetarian who often have vegan and even raw eating days, though living with meat and fish eaters...and loving them all! I became vegetarian mainly for health reasons but I am definitively happy to save some animals lives because of my eating habits, too. We are what we eat but I am also aware that different people and cultures eat in different ways and have different points of view about what's right or wrong to eat...I do not judge people by what they eat but by who they are. I come from an Italian family so meat and fish were a big part of my childhood meals and I honestly do not regret eating them also because linked to that food were very special memories. What I am eating now is what my body tells me to eat to be at its best and I have learned to listen to my body cravings which always gravitate towards fresh and vegetarian options. So here's to a hopefully pleasant recipe sharing experience!
Green smoothie with avocado, spinach, ginger, raw cocoa powder and cinnamon.

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