Wednesday, June 5, 2013

There was a bakery near Rialto bridge in Venice where I was often stopping by to buy an amazing olive bread, warm and freshly made of course. The bread was crunchy outside and very soft in the inside, it was filled with black and green olives and sometimes toasted sesame seeds or walnuts. 

I was searching for a similar bread to prepare at home and finally I found it! This YouTube video is very well made, the man who made it sounds like an expert in bread making and it shows in the way he meticulously prepares the recipes and explains the process. The result was amazing and it did remind me of that Venetian bread. I added toasted sesame seeds to the dough (which is a no-kneading dough so it gets extra points!) to reproduce the flavor of the bread I loved. This recipe is a definitively a keeper!

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